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Sec I science

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Every Monday we will post some new Science content. There will be activities for you to review the material we learned in Terms 1 and 2. All students are strongly encouraged to continue with their work :)



Week Topic Material  
June 15th Varia Individual teachers will let you know  
June 8th Scientific Method (continued) Design an experiment Worksheet Design an Experiment.docx  
June 1st Scientific Method 

Overview Scientific Method overview.docx

Notes Scientific method notes.ppt

Videos Scientific Method Video Links.docx

Worksheet Scientific Method Worksheet.docx

May 25th Research sources 

Research sources - information Research sources - know your resources.docx

Video link Video Link.docx

Questions/worksheet for the video Questions to video how false news is spread.docx

May 18th  Cell

The Cell and Microscope  Notes Cell and microscope notes.ppt

Video on cells https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nBtY6LR030

The Cell Worksheet Cell Worksheet.docx

Fun activity for our budding scientists  Cell Extra Activity.pptx





May 11th


Diversity of Life:  Habitat, Ecological Niche, and Physical and Behavioural Adaptations

Diversity of Life part 2.pptx  


Worksheet Questions Diversity of Life Habitat, Ecological Niche, Evolution, and Physical and Behavioral.docx






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